The website Vaisnava Life aims to be a humble service to all the vaisnava devotees of Lord Krishna, to help each other in our personal growth and spiritual progress in practical ways. Vaisnava Life is mainly conceived for devotees and has been inspired by a few phrases written by Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur in his Sri Caitanya Siksamrita, meaning that as long a devotee has not yet reached the level of Paramahamsa, he should take great care of his health, of his social life, of his economy, and of his sadhana:

Chanting the Lord’s name and hearing about Him are two primary rules, because their direct result is worship of the Lord. Though we must always observe the primary rules, if we do not observe the secondary rules, we cannot maintain the body properly, nor our life. If we cannot maintain our life, how can we follow the primary rules of devotional service? The secondary rules are the ornament of man’s life. Material education, technology, industry, civilization, order, perseverance, bodily, mental and social rules are accepted, in that they may be used to bring mankind to serve the feet of the Lord sincerely. Being servants of the primary rules, by the Lord’s grace, they make the life of mankind blissful both during practice and perfection.

(Sri Caitanya Siksamrita, Chap1, Part 1, pag.8)

Though a person situated in the world may accept spiritual dharma, he does not give up the rules of mundane dharma, for the rules of varnasrama still assist him in supporting his body, mind and social environment. Being comfortable as a result of proper body, mind and surroundings, he is able to attain the eternal bliss of worshipping the Lord.

(Sri Caitanya Siksamrita, Chap 3, Part 1, Page 75)

First, it should be said that without taking proper care of body, mind, society and spirit, a person cannot perform the more elevated activities of bhakti.

(Sri Caitanya Siksamrita, Chap 3, Part 4, Page 96)

Vaisnava Life therefore mainly deals with trying to improve our qualities as vaisnavas, showing how Srila Prabhupada took care of devotees, the importance of healthy loving relations, and of spiritual understanding and good sadhana, of health, nutrition, community building and vedic sciences.

It will also try to stimulate our internal economy and present news and events like kirtan reunions, festivals, seminars on marriage, family, and relationships, care for young people and for the seniors, devotee care in general and other topics of interest.